The Breakdown

Purchasing a Commercial Grade Inflatable from Big Birdys isn't an expense, it's an investment.

These are modest calculations based on scaling predictions.

Month 1: Rent out your inflatable 2 times

Month 2: Rent out your inflatable 2-3 times

Month 3: Rent out your inflatable 3 times

Month 4: Rent out your inflatable 4 times

You will most likely rent out your inflatable more than this and begin generating Pure Cash Flow after Month 3.

However, in the worst-case scenario, it will still only take you 4 months to achieve Pure Cash Flow.


Once you become a part of the Big Birdys family and Purchase your 1st Product from us...

We'll give you our FREE Playbook on "How to Scale a Party Rental Business" based on our own personal experience marketing, selling, advertising, & delivering inflatables for dozens of companies.

The Playbook breaks down the following:

👉How to Advertise on Google (& Social Media)

👉How to Build a Remote Sales Team

👉How to Create Irresistible Offers 

👉How to Grow/Expand your Customer List for Repeat Business

👉How to Create Customer Ascension

👉How to Automate your Business Growth

You'll also receive a Complimentary Consultation and Go-To-Market Strategy (even if you're not new to this) that will 100% Guaranteed add more Revenue to your Business in the 1st month (if/when the strategy is followed correctly).

Sincerely, Big Birdys

"Soaring in Euphoria"