Prince of Giza Inflatable Amusement Park

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Vendor : Big Birdys

Product Type : Amusement Parks

Sku : 1341

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The Prince of Giza Inflatable Amusement Park – a realm of exhilarating joy and boundless adventure!

Step into a world where towering pyramids meet inflatable wonders, offering a mesmerizing fusion of ancient allure and modern thrills.

Embark on an unforgettable journey as you bounce, slide, and play amidst the awe-inspiring landscape of Giza.

From pyramid-themed slides to labyrinthine mazes, every corner is an invitation to immerse yourself in laughter and excitement.

Let the Prince of Giza Inflatable Amusement Park reignite your sense of wonder as you create timeless memories with family and friends.

Get ready to bounce into history and bounce into fun!

The Birdy Breakdown

TypeInflatable Amusement Park

Total Weight: 1102lb

Size: 65L" x 45"W (ft)

Recommended Age: 12+y

Material: PVC