Sunnysides 18ft Water Slide

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Vendor : Big Birdys

Product Type : Water Slides

Sku : 1350

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Get ready to slide into refreshing excitement as you race down this towering inflatable water slide.

Whether it's a pool party, a backyard barbecue, or a community splash fest, this water slide promises laughter, cooling splashes, and unforgettable memories under the sun!

Why Choose Sunnysides Water Slide?

  1. Epic Splash: Zoom down a thrilling 18 feet and plunge into a splash-filled pool at the end, sending ripples of laughter through the air.

  2. Sun-Drenched Delight: The vibrant design and sunny colors evoke the perfect summer vibe, adding a touch of brightness to any event.

  3. All-Ages Excitement: From kids to adults, everyone will be lining up for their chance to slide and experience the ultimate aquatic thrill.

  4. Quick Setup: Easy inflation means more playtime, so you can enjoy the sun-soaked adventure without a fuss.

The Birdy Breakdown

Type: Inflatable Water Slide

Stitching: Double & Quadruple Stitched

Size: 8x3.5x5.5mH or custom made

Recommended Age: 12+y 

Material: Commercial Grade 0.55mm (1000D,18 OZ) PVC Tarpaulin